Snowmageddon and Flower Crowns

This weekend was my dear friend Pippa’s hen party and the beast from the East almost got the better of us.

There’s something joyful and fun and unusual about a snow week. Until it creeps into your weekend and actually threatens your plans. Friday was the big snow day and also the day we would be travelling down to Whitstable to celebrate Pippa’s upcoming nuptials.

In the morning there was a strange sense of calm. No more snow had fallen. My morning train was on time. The sky was heavy, ominous, but still. The whatsapps began to ping- reassurance from Sarah who had arrived early, but all trains to Kent had been cancelled, what were we going to do?

From leaving work around 2 and arriving at the venue at 7pm we had quite an adventure. Tube, then train which terminated early, then bus which terminated early, then walk through the snow and calls of screaming happy children sledging on the hill, then digging out the car from it’s pile of 3 day snow. 5 of us piled into the little gold Yaris as the snow began to fall.

This is where, children, we learnt it’s important not to celebrate anything prematurely.

I’d driven through relatively hairy conditions from Catford to Kent on quiet, snowy motorways, feeling a little nervous but relatively smug about our progress. Haha we thought, the beast won’t stop us! We got within 4 minutes of the property and had begun clinking glasses and celebrating when my satnav took us down a country road hill. We gently slid down the hill to be confronted with a steep incline on the other side. The little car did it’s very best but alas, she couldn’t quite make it up. The girls, particularly the brilliant Beeky, tried to coax and counsel me in a steep reverse back up the hill but when the burning of the clutch smell became too great we agreed the best thing to do would be to abandon our noble steed and await rescue from the ex-body builder who we had rented the property from.

Here’s me 2 days later when we were reunited.


Even though the car ended up stuck in a valley for 2 days (where our taxi driver helpfully told us local ruffians were likely to strip her of her parts- I don’t think he realised quite how much of a banger the little Yaris is) we still felt pretty triumphant with our adventure and had a fantastic weekend, organised by maid of honour extraordinaire Cathy. Here’s a taster of what we got up to:

Pole dancing- such a workout! My arms are aching so badly!


DELICIOUS LUNCH in charming Whitstable.







Dreamy flower crown crafting afternoon.


Great aprรจs ski gear drinking games (who knew it would be so appropriate!) The owners were big fans of telephone boxes…




Thanks so much girls for a brilliant eventful weekend!



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