A touch of writers block and a smattering of recommendations.

And just like that- it was almost March.

I’ve had an involuntary brief respite from this blogging lark for the simple reason that I’ve had a complete blank about what to chat to you lovely people about. I still have one to be honest so thought I’d just give a little selection of February activities and recommendations to help me back on the wagon.

How has your February been?

I’ve had a long weekend in Cornwall, viewed 8 flats, spent time with family in Sussex and watched Mr H don a cape to celebrate becoming a solicitor.


He was so thrilled!

I’ve read three books you’ll love:

  • Lullaby – Leila Slimani. If you are a young working professional who would like to have children, this is the ultimate contemporary nightmare. The emotional breakdown of nanny Louise, hauntingly and beautifully reflecting on class, gender and parenthood.
  • The Only Story – Julian Barnes. Please read immediately. I had to read it very slowly so it would last longer. A nineteen year old obsessed with love falls for a woman twice his age. Split into three parts it follows the progression of their relationship, and the reality that clouds the fantasy. It’s EXCELLENT.
  • Eat Up! – Ruby Tandoh. Ruby of Great British Bake Off fame is on a mission to debunk every food fad going and start liking food again. To eat anything and everything with relish, pleasure and without guilt. Home cooked stews, creme eggs and waffles.

I’ve subscribed to three new podcasts:

  • Fortunately… with Fi & Jane- two middle aged ladies having a chat with someone in a BBC cafe. Comforting and hilarious.
  • Fashion Unzipped- weekly news and chat from the Telegraph fashion team. It’s a little bit Ab Fab with a slight overemphasis on the Royal’s latest outfits, but it’s great to have a podcast taking something as culturally impactful as fashion seriously.
  • The High Low- with Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton. I know I’m late to this party (sister in law “I told you about them AGES AGO!”) but its a brilliant chat on weekly news and pop culture with two women who I wish were my best friends. Love them.

I’ve seen three films at the cinema:

  • Phantom Thread- elegant psychological, romantic drama between difficult courtier, played dashingly by Daniel Day Lewis, and his latest fit model muse. Lesley Manville is brilliant as his sister and every shot is beautiful.
  • Lady Bird – unfortunately my friend Julia and I were sat between two overly enthusiastic fellow cinema goers who enjoyed screeching with laughter, slapping thighs and pointing at the screen for every mildly amusing moment. Lady Bird is funny, but in a more rye, dry, slightly dark way so our friends’ reactions were slightly distracting. Having said that, it’s a warm and enjoyable reflection on what it’s like being a teenager in 2002 and moving on from that final phase of childhood.
  • The Shape of Water – actually I’m seeing this tonight so all I can tell you is about how much I adore Sally Hawkins so it must be good, but I had a nice “three” thing going on so decided to include it.

Would love to hear your recent recommendations!


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