Riding the Rollercoaster of Property Buying

As I have mentioned on a few recent blog posts Mr H and I are, unbelievably looking to buy somewhere to live.

The search began almost by accident. We hadn’t agreed to look for a flat. For a conservative solicitor Mr H has always been a bit distrustful of the values of property buying- and as I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions we both freaking love our flat and are not good with change. But one day I spotted one that looked, what I thought was relatively (for London) inexpensive (ended up being TOP of our budget) and we popped by to have a look. I think Ed had played some playstation all evening or something so felt he should do something I wanted to do.

So the first property we saw, we loved. A large Victorian ground floor flat nearish Crystal Palace with spacious kitchen diner, big sitting room and a dreamy bathroom. Roll top bath. Beautiful. Cue a few weeks of frenzied mortgage broker conversations, tears, long discussions and finally an offer that was accepted.


Except fairytales are bumpier than that. A few months in we discover a lease that someone drew up whilst half asleep, inaccurate and incomplete, and it looks likely that that lovely flat will never be ours.

To console ourselves we thought we’d have a look at what else was on the market.

Hanging in trendy Forest Hill. We’ve loved living here.

Yesterday we saw 7 properties. Some were owned by lovely young couples, just like us, moving onto the next stage with new baby in tow- showing us the floorboards they’d unearthed, which rooms got the best daylight, the wisteria in the garden. If you head towards Croydon there are some nice houses to be found! We also saw a drug den in Catford with someone in bed in one of the bedrooms. By the way, this one was £50k over budget. It really was the good, the bad, the ugly.

We found one beauty that might soften the blow of losing out to our first property. A conversion flat on an amazing road near where we live, with high ceilings and stunning views across Kent and South East London. Oh someone else has made an offer already? Well let’s see.

Or just continue the hunt again.

My 2018 resolution of being emotionally in control of the roller coaster ride of life should be sorely tested. But the funny thing with this house buying stuff is emotion is a completely wasted energy. What will be will be. And in the meantime Mr H and I had a great day doing a road trip around South East London with a sourdough pizza lunch break. I think this should be mandatory if you are seeing more than 3 properties. Keep that energy up!

Any top tips from fellow house hunters?


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