2018: Let’s Savour It

Hello chaps, how’s week one of 2018 been for you? I’m still slightly overwhelmed by the amount of views Mr H had- for my own sanity I’m viewing it as a well chosen topic published on a night when you lovely lot were probably scrolling with a slightly sore head, and not an indication of the damn patriarchy where people love to hear what a boy thinks. Hmm. Not bitter…

This week I’ve been easing myself back into actually leaving the house, not consuming a bag of chocolate coins and avoiding cream as the base ingredient for most meals. And by reflecting on what this wonderful year has to offer.


Every year I make a mood board for the year. Partly because cutting and sticking is a reversal to childhood and a lot of fun. But more importantly because making a mood board is a good way to reflect on who I am and what’s important to me.

I have no patience for “new year, new me.” I really like being me. I am relatively content in this body, lucky to have a job I love and am surrounded by people I think are the bees knees. But I do think New Year thoughts are an opportunity to re-focus yourself on the best bits about you and your life.

Consequently my mood boards are generally pretty similar. They usually feature food and feeding people. They also tend to include the wonderful Mr H, friends, family and wearing sequinned rainbow garments (or this year outrageous coats).


A lot of this year’s board is a mood board for the new flat Eds and I are HOPEFULLY about to purchase (offer accepted- lease issues to be ironed out). No surprise it’s a lot about COLOUR. I’m hoping to really give the blog an interior focus for this year- hope you like!

The other major element is time. Slowing down. I’ve spent the last six years since uni having a bloody brilliant time charging around, packing events and hobbies into every minute, zooming around in the little gold car every weekend without really taking care to slow down and reflect. I’m an extrovert- I get my energy from people. But when I read an article from the brilliant Emerald Street inviting us to “savour” 2018 it really struck a cord. Those crazy six years do really feel like they’ve gone in a flash. Somehow I am now 28 years old. I can’t say I suffer from anxiety in the crippling way many of you I know do, but whenever I am super busy I don’t sleep well. I am a big fan it seems of the 4am dreads. If I take time off my sleep terrors calm and I feel like I am back in control of my life.

That’s really the theme of this post. Savour the moments and take back control of this crazy roller coaster life. I want to control how I feel about things- reflect on what I can change vs what I have to accept. To really appreciate slow time. Walking with coffee. More time at the cinema. Saturday night steak for supper. Puzzles. Lying on the sofa. Sleeping in my own bed. Savouring every moment of my lucky, lucky life.

I’d love to hear your life plans for 2018.


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