Christmas at SE6: This year I’m thinking tinsel.

My Mum has the most beautiful Christmas tree. Over the years she has slowly shed the slightly dodgy Brownie and school makes, focussing on rich tones of red, gold and warm wood decorations. Whilst we were allocated a string of tinsel for our rooms, Mum remained the Queen of Christmas decorating in our house. Here it is in all it’s magnificence last year:

I wish I was as classy as my mother. Maybe it will come with age. In life and in decorating I have two rules. Keep it colourful. Don’t make things match. Poor Eds. We compared notes at work about tree themes: “Mine is silver” “Mine is mostly white and sparkle” Cordelia: “I throw EVERYTHING at it.”

This weekend we bought our tree. Mr H was hungover from his work Christmas do and delighted to have been dragged out. It was like shopping with Gollum. On my friend Pippa’s recommendation we went to a tree stall on the edge of Dulwich and had to navigate the tiny Clemencys and Angus’. It was the poshest shopping experiences ever, but we got our gorge tree for a great price!

Every year we make little additions to the decoration box. Firstly this magnificent garland from Rockett St George satisfying my tinsel cravings. I’m in love with the addition of neon pink candles from John Lewis.



Then there are the little Santas we bought in Rick Stein’s during our last weekend in Padstow. Eds popped him straight on our little stack of ‘Yes, look how cultured we are with our collection of Royal Academy Summer Exhibition guides’. He’s right at home.



I’ve also embraced my inner child with a selection of furry critters from Graham and Green. The pink rabbit is my new style icon.





My favourite decorations tend to be vintage. I love the crackled glaze on the glass. This fish is the latest to the collection.


Mr H went back to bed and I had a happy time with the tree and Paddington on DVD. I settled down on the sofa and had that engulfing, warm, deeply happy feeling of contentment. So much may be wrong with the world. But I’ve created a little pod of Christmas heaven.


Happy decorating!


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