A Colour Edit: YELLOW.

Yellow is my favourite colour.

I’m scratching my head so you can see the pom poms. Casual.

Of the 5 items of clothing I’ve bought this season 4 of them are yellow. The other one is gold.

Iris Apfel- Style ICON. Is it weird that she makes me want to be 90?

Yellow is optimism. It says hello, it’s warm, friendly, welcoming. It says sit down and have a brew. Or let’s get up and go. It says I’m confident, I’m approachable.

Lots of my favourite things are yellow. Cheddar, English mustard and crisp sandwiches. Sand. Lemons. Cheese. Daffodils. Falling leaves. Mimosa. Cheese. Little Miss Sunshine. The dress in La La Land.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 09.56.03.png

I went round the flat picking up all our yellow bits and pieces. It’s pretty joyful. (Rainy day photos are impossible…!)


My yellow shopping edit:

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 10.49.43.png
Seasalt £89.95, Skandium Marimekko £19, Donna Wilson £75, Urban Outfitters £54, Cos £59, Anthropologie £8, The Shop Floor Project £65

So often people are afraid for this joyful, life enhancing colour. Don’t underestimate the versatility of a yellow shoe, or the pop of a yellow candle on your mantlepiece.


Little Ms Sunshine x


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