Cuba! Data detox and sunshine

Oh Cuba. How wonderful you were. 7 perfect sunshine filled days on powder white sandy beaches, floating in the warm sea, drinking unlimited cocktails…


It’s day 1 and Mr H and I are at the Thomas Cook briefing about the potential excursions. We’ve been through the pitch to visit a local town or do a speed boat trip and we are down to the invitation for any questions.

Large man in string vest: “Whatdya mean there’s noooo wifi??”

Mr H and I looked at each other and vowed not be Mr String Vest Man.

That’s right people we had a whole week data and phone free. This may seem a contradiction to be singing the praises of time off with no Facebook or Instagram, as I am hoping to have lured you to read this whilst scrolling through said sites. But it was surprisingly revelatory to have a proper break from it.

We read a book almost every day. We snoozed. We played cards over evening drinks. Every night was date night where we weren’t looking at the tops of each other’s heads.

On the last morning we bought a wifi card with a bit of leftover currency whilst waiting for our airport transfer. How I was ready to be inundated by all the whatsapp/ social media action I’d been missing. A few “have a nice holiday” messages came through. That was it chaps!

I’m going to try to limit my activity now I’m back and try to remember to better use the time to think, read and talk.


On a side note- some brilliant things about going on a holiday in October:

1. It’s October and you’re hot

2. There’s none of the “I can’t wear that dress because there won’t be time to wash it before I need to pack it.” Also going in early October means I also hadn’t packed away the summer wardrobe yet.

3. There is no tan pressure. Being a very pale skinned person means usually I feel the need to make the most of every hot sunny moment to give my legs a base tan to try and last the whole summer. Being October the best I can show off is a tanned face and hands. Tanned tummy? Why bother!

4. Come September everyone’s already had their holiday but you still have yours to look forward to.

5. You can get back and immediately start looking forward to the run up to Christmas. Lots of Christmas crafty posts planned!






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