Get Creative: Stamped tablecloth

Big kisses and thank yous first of all for your kind comments on last week’s slightly more personal post. I celebrated by actually trying on the bikini I’d bought for holiday and doing some happy star jumps. Thank you.

As a creative/relatively crafty person it felt wrong that we’ve made it to post 8 (I know 2 whole months of blogging!) without a “making” post. Last Sunday I had a free afternoon and a dirty table cloth and I figured I’d give it a go!

You will need:


  • A table cloth or fabric that you don’t care too much about
  • Fabric paint: I used two pots of metallic gold bought here on Amazon
  • A stamp: mine is from a holiday to India (EXOTIC) but there’s some nice ones available here andย here
  • A paint brush
  • An iron
  • Lots of patience

I love a white table cloth- nothing feels crisper or more dinner party esque- plus if you’re a patterned napkin and plate fiend like me, it can help the whole look feel much calmer and really make the colours pop. I also love red wine. And one pot dishes that involve some sort of red cooking sauce. So I now have an old table cloth with multiple stains on it that had seen better days.

I used my stamp I bought on holiday to make my design and had a bit of a practise on an old tea towel. Now, I reckon the ones on the hobby craft site might be more fit for purpose- as you can see my stamp is a bit sludgy- either due to my poor stamping skills or because it’s designed as a souvenir for hapless tourists. I decided to mix up the design with what I thought was a Kate Spadeย edge with the addition of a spot- made by the end of a pencil (I was clearly brimming with creative ideas that day). Iron the design and you can machine wash at 40.


Overall I’m pretty pleased with it. Yes it’s a bit splodgy- I think the overall look is more sea anemone than lotus flower. Yes I might have chosen either a smaller piece of fabric or a more spaced design as it took a bit longer than planned (2 podcasts and catching up on the Comoran Strike tv series). There was the moment when I was 3/4 through and found the care label- thus realising that I was actually stamping the REVERSE of the fabric, but no matter! It’s now a useful alternative rather than sitting in the bottom of my laundry cupboard and looks pretty super with gold rimmed plates and flickering candle light.


I would love to hear about your latest crafty projects.


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