London Diary: Matisse and Honey & Co

Yesterday I took my fabulous Mama out for a pre birthday day in London. LOOK HOW GORGEOUS SHE IS.


We went to see the new Matisse exhibition at the Royal Academy. It’s not the enormous, dazzling cut outs exhibition of Tate Modern fame a few years ago, but it gave a really strong sense of Matisse working in his studio, surrounded by inspiration in his everyday objects. For anyone that is a lover of “things” and colour its an absolute joy.

Matisse: “I have at last found the object for which I have been longing for a whole year. It’s a Venetian baroque chair…You’ve probably seen something like it. When I found it in an antique shop a few weeks ago, I was bowled over. It’s splendid. I’m obsessed by it.”

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 20.32.58.png

I am obsessed by chairs. And tables and patterned bowls and embroidered jackets. In his book Happy, Derren Brown writes about the importance of appreciating and focussing on the things we already have, rather than succumbing to the marketing world that would like us to constantly focus on the next new thing. My footstool has been a wonderful part of my life for nearly a year now. Every day (not exaggerating) I still LOVE how comfortable it is, how it’s completed our sitting room, drawing the furniture together, added another layer of pattern and colour, and creates a styling centre piece to get creative with. I’m obsessed. Sometimes if I’m having a slow day and need a pick me up, I look at photos of it on my phone. True love runs deep. In the exhibition there is a beautiful green vase. Matisse paints it in 1920, then again in 1940 and 1950. Long term love of objects are enriching and inspiring for him. I loved seeing the pieces alongside his paintings, such as the Chinese porcelain vase, where it’s loose blue calligraphy of a tree informs Matisse’s painting of a tree.

Matisse: “The object is an actor. A good actor can have a part in ten different plays; an object can play a role in ten different pictures.”


Mum is rocking the Zara dress I recommended in my August wedding outfit post as a jacket- what a dream boat.

After we had lunch in the heavenly Honey & Co restaurant. If you haven’t been- book a table now.


Bad blogger- forgot to take a photo before I tucked in!


We started with salty, tangy Taramasalata and a goats cheese, peach, roasted almond and orange blossom salad. You know when food is so delicious you have to eat really slowly to savour every mouthful and make it last longer? For main I had meat balls and lentils with green tahini yogurt, and Mum had slow roasted lamb shoulder with plums.


They also brought out a little birthday cake, so nice!


Here’s me meeting Mr H for a quick coffee en route to meet Mama. Jacket old Boden- see similar here. Dress old White Company. Shoes and bag both Boden.

What have you been up to in the big city lately?

Matisse in the Studio runs at the Royal Academy until 12th November.



1 thought on “London Diary: Matisse and Honey & Co”

  1. Great Blog, Cordelia. Matisse is one of my favourite artists and on my list to visit – lovely seeing pics of you and Mandy enjoying yourselves – you’re both looking very well. Carolyn

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