Friday Night Dinner: Nigella, Jackson & Levine.

Hello everyone, happy Saturday!

My favourite way to spend time, asides from cackling to My Dad Wrote A Porno on public transport, is feeding people in our flat. We are so lucky to have a DINING table in a big kitchen and a separate living room for games and chats after.Last night we had lovely Sophie and Jimmy over for dinner.

Generally I try not to let cooking phase me. When I moved in with Edward 3 years ago I could barely cook sausages. I’ve been on a self taught 3 year cookery school- which basically comes down to not being afraid and following a recipe.

4 people is ideal for a Friday night dinner party with good forward planning:

  1. Shop ahead- I got everything we needed after work on Monday asides from fresh fruit and avocados I picked up on Thursday evening.
  2. Cook ahead- the meringue was cooked and ready to be topped with cream and fruit the night before.
  3. Set up ahead- I lay the table the evening before.
  4. Plan ahead- Friday night sups should be chilled for everyone-including the cook. Swap the starters for a big bowl of delicious chips and dips, and make a yummy one pot dish to save on the washing up after.
  5. Book ahead- Boden is its infinite wisdom let us take the occasion POETS day (Piss Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday) so I was home by 5ish. (Which turned out to be unnecessary as the below menu is SO EASY).

My menu: (yes-feel much envy for my rainbow cookbook collection-anyone else like buying books because of the colour of their spines? Hairy Dieters- loving the yellow!)


Starter: Nigella Express Roquamole

This is my signature dip, EVERYONE BLOODY LOVES IT. Avocados- blue cheese- jalapeños, it shouldn’t work but it really really does. I love it with salty Sainsbury’s basic tortilla chips.


Main: Jackson & Levine Spiced Olive & Lemon Chicken

You might have guessed from the My Dad Wrote A Porno ref that I have the biggest girl crush on Alice Levine. Jackson & Levine is my new fave cookbook with the best supper club menus. I have done one of their full menus for a Saturday night get together- slow roasted shoulder of lamb with anchovy sauce, boulangere potatoes, aubergine gratin and broccoli with hazelnuts- DELISH. The recipes sound complicated but are actually so easy. It’s also great for general dinner party lighting/music/table setting inspiration. TOP TIP. When you are cooking a recipe for the first time READ the recipe properly before you go to cook it-nothing like reading MARINATE OVER NIGHT at the last minute. Still think it was pretty tasty. Served this with garlicky small roast potatoes and rocket.


Pud: Jackson & Levine + Nigella Mash Up Meringue

This recipe mostly belongs to Jackson & Levine by making a pistachio meringue with elderflower infused cream and fresh berries. But as their recipe serves 12 and involves 4 layers of meringue, I went to my favourite Nigella Cappuccino Pavlova for the base- swapping coffee powder for chopped pistachios. Do check out Nigella’s recipe- its a Masters-Fifield family favourite.


The table:


I need some serious lessons in table/food/evening light photos. It was lucky I got home early so I could take around 40 pictures to get the above ones. Lights on? Lights off? From a ladder? From side ways on? With candles? In short, please excuse my poor photography skills.

Napkins: Lush Designs London £31

Goblets: John Lewis- not currently on their website but I’m sure they will bring them back for Chrimbo.

Plates: Anthropologie-a collection (always need one more plate).

Water glasses: Liberty London- not on their website but do have in store. Also like these Anthropologie ones.

Tea Lights: LSA £20

Table cloth: Vintage.

Some happy eaters!

I would love to know your top dinner party tips!



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