Earrings: Get them BIGGER.

When I was burgled in January (sad start to fun post) the ONLY THING the thieves of Catford were interested in were my first pair of Pat Butcher ear chandeliers. I’d bought them in the J Crew sale. I couldn’t wear them for a full day without needing serious ear massage after. But they were wonderful. Despite being the luckiest victims of crime (literally that’s all they took- what a waste of a door break in!), I am still sad. I still miss them to this day.

Here’s a picture of me wearing them whilst holding kittens (the look on my face is too deliriously happy to not crop). I had to take action to fill the heavy earring hole in my life.


Since the tragic loss I’ve slowly been building my collection. As a wannabe maximalist the statement earring is a game changer. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that the giant orange pompoms have transformed my ear candy. Mr H thought I was joking when I bought them. In photos they look almost as big as my head. They double as handy ear cushions for when I nap on the tube. However, not everyday can be a show stopper- mix it up with the Pink J Crew beaded numbers and my favourite Rock N Rose golden tassels.

(From Left: H&M, Rock N Rose, Rock N Rose, Mango, J Crew)


If like me you are a particularly big fan of the heavyweights, here are some top tips:

1. Don’t wear for multiple days at a time.

2. Take breaks in the day, especially if you want to wear them in the evening.

3. Swap the little rubbish ear butterfly back (had to google the right name for those) for a nice big, plastic supported earring back. Got to even out that weight- H&M and giant pompoms-I’m looking at you.

I’m wearing Emmeline Earrings

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 20.19.50
Rock N Rose £21

I’m lusting Circular Pendants

Zara Earrings
Zara £12.99

I’m saving/wishful thinking Fun Tassel Earrings

J Crew
J Crew £65

Also check out Anthropologie, Onjenu and Uterque. Please let me know your recommendations!


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