First blog post

This is a scary one. To help diffuse the self consciousness I’ve added a drunk eyes photo of me wearing a large flower crown nicked from my friend Becky at this year’s Boden Summer party. Does anyone else’s eye make up always come off on just one eye?

This is something I’ve thought about doing for a long time. As a diary, as a past time, as a creative outlet. I’ve been afraid of the navel gazing, of subscribing further to the idea that an edited instagram image is really reflective of life. But, as a forever optimistic- Ms La La, sometimes I do feel like I live in a sun dappled, fabulous, instagrammable world. I have a very nice creative job creating clothes, have many gorgeous friends, just enough money to furnish our rented flat and feed people in it. That’s something to record and to celebrate.

This blog will include… fashion, shopping guides, London love letters, book reviews, sunshiny musings and homeware lustings.


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